Good Standing Program

The Good Standing Program was introduced at Sanderson Middle School in 2014. Good Standing is about doing the right things. Students who comply with school behaviour, uniform, attendance, school rules and course requirements, have Good Standing.

Students with Good Standing may participate fully in all curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school. With Good Standing students are eligible to represent the school in sporting, social and cultural activities.

Students who do the wrong thing and lose their Good Standing may not attend sporting, social and cultural activities organised by the school. Loss of Good standing will not affect students learning abilities.


The central aim of the awards program is to recognise, acknowledge, celebrate and reward good behaviour through demonstrating our values and academic achievement. Two nominations per teacher are given each week. Below is the levels of awards:

  • Bronze: 4 nominations = certificate
  • Silver: 8 nominations = certificate
  • Gold: 12 nominations = certificate

Awards are presented at assemblies and parents are always welcome to attend our assemblies.