Intensive English Unit

Sanderson Middle School is the only Middle School in the Darwin and Palmerston area that offers an Intensive English Unit (MIEU). The MIEU caters for the learning needs of middle school students:

  • for whom English is an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D)
  • who come from countries where Standard Australian English (SAE) is not widely used

Students enrolled in the Sanderson Middle School MIEU are aged between 11 and 14 years at enrolment and have been assessed as requiring age appropriate intensive English language instruction through targeted EAL/D teaching and through differentiated delivery.

On enrolment in the MIEU, each student’s language development is assessed to enable placement into an English class at an appropriate level. Students in the MIEU are grouped in classes according to their English language development and, where possible, their age.

MIEU students are a highly diverse group, including those:

  • born overseas and beginning middle school with minimal or no exposure to English
  • entering middle school with little or no exposure to English, but with schooling equivalent to that received by their chronological peers in English
  • entering middle school with little or no exposure to English, but with little or no previous formal schooling
  • entering middle school with some exposure to English, spoken and/or written

All new students wishing to enrol at Sanderson Middle School will need to arrange an appointment time with the Assistant Principal to discuss enrolment. Please call 7923 0500 to make an appointment.

Please print the Student Enrolment Form and bring the completed form to your appointment.