Principals Message

Welcome to Sanderson Middle School. Here at Sanderson we pride ourselves on offering a student focused Middle Years program that aims to develop the whole child and best prepare them for their senior years of schooling. Our experienced and dedicated staff design programs tailored to meet student’s needs and engage them in a wholesome curriculum that continually extends their academic growth. ‘

Sanderson Middle School prides itself on being a community, our values of Respect, Compassion, Fair Go and Integrity are embedded in all aspects of school life. We strive to ensure our students are given the social and emotional skills to truly understand and regulate their own emotions, whilst developing the empathy to be considerate of others. We are a Berry Street School, which was a considerable investment for an entire staff to be trained in Australia’s most recognised and current trauma informed practice. We believe, however, that our students deserve the best from us, and we are passionate about developing students socially, emotionally and academically.

As a community we aim to build strong relationships with parents, carers and the surrounding community. We have on site support through Clontarf and the STARS academy and are constantly looking to build partnerships to best support our students. I have no doubt that Sanderson Middle School and its team of educators will continue to work diligently to maintain a safe, positive and happy school environment for our students.

We are all looking forward to a successful 2022.